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2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane is [almost] a reality


By Juliano Oliveira

Brisbane chances of hosting the 2032 summer games have soared as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced the beginning of exclusive discussions with the organisers.

The city is now considered the IOC’s preferred host, being the only candidate that has progressed to the next phase denominated “targeted dialogue”, in which questions on security and infrastructure will be debated.

“The IOC is considering seizing the momentum offered by the excellent project of Brisbane 2032 and the AOC, in this way, bringing stability to the Olympic Games, the athletes, the IOC and the whole Olympic Movement,” the committee has published on its website.

The fact is that Brisbane is in a privilege position right now. Australian Olympic Committee’s (AOC) president, John Coates, says there remains a lot of work to be undertaken as the candidature process continues.

“This is an important next step in an ongoing dialogue with the Future Host Commission. We are very clear that we must continue to work hard in outlining our vision for a successful Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2032.”

Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said that hosting the games will help ensure much-needed infrastructure across SEQ.

“We already have 85% of the venues at the moment. We don’t have to build huge stadiums that will not be used in the future…this will give us the opportunity to go through economic recovery and plan for the future,” the MP said.

“It pulls Queensland in the box seat. I know that every level of government is absolute unite in working together to make this happen.”

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner celebrated the job creation possibility in the region.

“This [the Olympic Games] have the best opportunity that our city, regions, and state has had in generations. We can let this go waste.”

A Government study has predicted 129,000 jobs in tourism, hospitality, and construction created by the Queensland Games. A tourism report has identified a $20 billion uplift from 2021-2036.

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