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A new beginning for a [future] successful career

By Aline Rodrigues

Recent data from the Queensland Government Statistics Office revealed that in June there were 12,800 unemployed in Brisbane – about 1.7 unemployed for every job available.

However, even with discouraging statistics, it is essential to maintain trust, focus and seek help from institutions that offer free guidance in looking for job opportunities.

Salisbury teenager Laura McLure, for example, is now enjoying her new role as a trainee at an early learning centre in Corinda.

She lost her job at Red Rooster last year due to the outlet shutting down and struggled to find other work as the fast-food restaurant was her only experience.

“After I graduated high school, I felt so stressed because I didn’t know what to do with my life career-wise. During the coronavirus pandemic, I lost all my motivation. I felt without purpose. Then I found Life Church’s program on Facebook”, Ms McLure says.

Life Church’s Job Club is a free service for 15 – 24 years old. It is available for those who are unemployed and would like some help to build job search skills or the confidence to look for work.

“It helped to prepare me and polish my resume. They [Job Club] taught me skills for work and helped me to prepare for interviews”, Ms McLure adds.

Grant Robinson, Chief Communities Officer, believes Life Church seeks to support people through a variety of educational and social enrichment programs.

 “Our programs help us impact lives beyond the walls of a church service to meet felt needs and provide a hope for the future”, he says.

Program overview

The 14-week program includes a Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways, and lessons to improve reading, writing, communication, learning and numeracy, computer and employability skills.

Suitable participants will also gain First Aid, White Card (Construction) and (or) Responsible Service of Alcohol certificates. All students will learn to job search, prepare for interviews and write their resume.

The eligibility to start in the club comprises candidates who are not able to access government employment services or support, who have received public support for more than six months, but still unable to find work or have barriers to learning and employment.

Interested people can access the website and register their interest today. 

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