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Access to Kids Helpline self-care resources soars in 2020

By Claire Matthews

During the pandemic last year, the Kids Helpline website reached its highest number of views since it was founded in 2000.

The Kids Helpline ‘All about respect’ page reached its highest level with a 60% spike, while topics on sexting and cyberbullying were up by 55% and 39% for teens aged 13-18 – this was during the lockdown and the move to online learning. 

Tracy Adams, CEO of non-profit organisation YourTown, said the kids’ helpline resource is valuable for young people navigating the internet.

“Our website – – has personalised navigation, illustrations and content created specifically to equip children, and young people with resources, tips and information about the main issues affecting children and young people, developed by our counsellors for specific age groups.”

“Kids Helpline empowers young people to help themselves through the website, with on-demand content freely available to support children and teens. These website resources seek to improve mental health literacy, reduce stigma, and support the desire of young people for self-reliance.” 

Ms Adams said the website also aims to help young people to understand and cope with mental health issues. 

“Sexting, cyberbullying and inappropriate online content can cause a direct increase in mental health problems in children and young people, including stress and anxiety”, continued Ms Adams.

“The increase in Kids Helpline website page views in 2020 indicates the importance of providing content which is relevant, engaging and which also creates pathways to help-seeking and professional supports.”

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