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Australian workers value happiness over money


By Juliano Oliveira

Most Australian employees consider both happiness and the opportunity of having proper conditions at work more important than money.

The survey conducted by Australian recruiter Beaumont People with more than 1,000 individuals and organisations across the country, showed that 96% of the professionals have rated factors other than money as ‘most important’ to achieving meaningfulness and happiness at work.

There was a consensus among the surveyed that trust of managers, the culture of an organisation and work which makes a difference to broader society.

“Only 4% of Aussies rated money as most important, with the research showing what we’re looking for these days are good workplace relationships, a job that closely aligns with our personal values and one where we can make a difference,” explained the founder and CEO of Beaumont People, Nikki Beaumont.

She believes these outcomes will assist in how organisations can begin to integrate these factors into their HR practices. “When people are engaged in meaningful work, we do better, we are more productive, and we stay in jobs longer. If that’s not a motivation for employers I don’t know what is,” she said.

Other figures from the report point that 88% of Australians want their employer to care about their well-being, while 97% of the interviewed want downtime and balance outside of work.

“We have seen the dial shift where workplace culture and meaningful work rather than salary are becoming determining factors for career choices.” Ms Beaumont acknowledges that if people are happy, they have higher engagement levels, lower withdrawal intentions, lower rates of absenteeism and an increased employee commitment to the organisation.

“And now we know that the thing that makes them happy has changed, it is for employers to derive how they should translate this into different HR practices and business models.”

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