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Back to work: restrictions will be gradually removed


By Juliano Oliveira

Restrictions preventing Australians to return to work will be gradually removed following the determination of National Cabinet.

Expecting to have a COVID-19 safe economy in July 2020, authorities gathered in Canberra have established a three step framework to move workers and employers back to a normal routine.

This Friday (8), National Cabinet is going to meet again to come up with a detailed guideline based on epidemiology results, testing, tracing and local surge health response capacity.

“National Cabinet noted that some health measures will need to be in place for a considerable period of time including social distancing, strong hygiene and international travel restrictions. Some jurisdictions may choose to maintain interstate travel restrictions,” explains a note published on the Federal Government website.

“Individual states and territories will determine the timeframe for graduating between steps and individual restrictions to remove. This reflects the fact that states and territories are at different stages of the pandemic response, with 6 of 8 states and territories now recording multiple zero case days.”

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