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Charlotte and Oliver: the most popular names in QLD

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By Juliano Oliveira

Charlotte and Oliver were considered the most popular baby names in 2020, maintaining a long tradition in Queensland.

Last year, 525 baby boys were named Oliver – the most common designation for the eighth consecutive year, while the second most popular boy name was Noah (383).

Charlotte was registered in 359 babies, just ahead of Olivia with 320 – this is the fifth time in the last six years that Charlotte has led the list of baby girls’ names.

“The year 2020 was also noteworthy for Maverick making its first entry into the top 100 boys’ names since RBDM’s reporting began in 1960, rocketing up the list from No. 169 in 2019 to No. 84 last year,” Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Shannon Fentiman said.

Luka bounced from 154th to 95th most popular, and Gabriel from 139th to 96th. Holly (No.139 to No.79), Billie (No.109 to No.52) and Hallie (No.137 to No.88) were some female names that also stood out last year.

More than 12,000 different first names were recorded in 2020 in Queensland.

Ms Fentiman told that the name with the record number of registrations in one year is ‘Jason’, with 1,017 boys given the popular name in 1972.

The most registrations in a single year for a female name was in 1990 when Jessica peaked with 805 registrations.

Top 10 baby names in Queensland in 2020:


1 Charlotte (359)

2 Olivia (320)

3 Isla (319)

4 Amelia (295)

5 Mia (256)

6 Ava (247)

7 Harper (227)

8 Willow (226)

9 Grace (222)

10 Sophie (206)


1 Oliver (525)

2 Noah (383)

3 Jack (324)

4 William (322)

5 Henry (307)

6 Theodore (283)

7 Elijah (273)

8 Leo (267)

9 Thomas (266)

10 Hudson (263)

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