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CityCycle stations’ to be removed from late February

new electric bikes in brisbane

By Juliano Oliveira

Brisbane City Council begins, from the end of February to the end of March, with CityCycle stations’ removal.

Over the next ten months, the public bike system is being phased out of Brisbane to make way for electric bikes.

The introduction of e-bikes to Brisbane is inspired by the popularity of the current e-scooter hire schemes.

In November last year, Public and Active Transport Chair Ryan Murphy said the new initiative resulted from increased cycling demand due to COVID-19.

“On the Bicentennial Bikeway, ridership is up by 50%. Across the city, there are 60% more people riding on their bikes than this time last year. We want to encourage them to do so by making a world-class public bike hire scheme available in Brisbane for residents and visitors.

“The decommissioning of the CityCycle scheme will start in January next year. Subscriptions will end and become free. By November 2021, all 2000 CityCycles will be removed from service and 150 CityCycle stations will be converted to eco-mobility hubs, which will serve as a docking location for e-scooters and e-bikes.”

Works will commence on the following stations:

Station 97 – Thynne Road / College Road
Station 24 – Sir William Macgregor Drive / Sir Fred Schonnell Drive
Station 149 – Macquarie Street / Guyatt Park
Station 147 – Sandford Street / Brisbane Street
Station 27 – Blair Drive / Sir William Macgregor Drive
Station 150 – Macquarie Street / Munro Street
Station 148 – Sandford Street / Austral Street

Station 107 – Drury Street / Montague Road
Station 108 – Rogers Street / Montague Road
Station 105 – Dornoch Terrace / Hardgrave Road

Station 49 – Ann Street / Gipps Street
Station 48 – Ann Street / Gotha Street
Station 50 – Gipps Street / Wickham Street
Station 43 – Queen Street / Adelaide Street

Station 54 – Maclachlan Street / Winn Street
Station 78 – Malt Street / Brunswick Street
Station 53 – Bowen Terrace / Bradfield Highway

Station 74 – Merthyr Road / James Street
Station 70 – Macquarie Street / Beeston Street
Station 65 – Chermside Street / Florence Street
Station 67 – Teneriffe Ferry Terminal / Commercial Road
Station 68 – Vernon Terrace / Ethel Street

Station 73 – Lamington Street / Refinery Parade
Station 75 – Browne Street / James Street
Station 77 – James Street / Harcourt Street
Station 80 – Barker Street / Brunswick Street
Station 79 – Balfour Street / Brunswick Street

Station 76 – Waterloo Street / Gordon Street

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