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Coorparoo’s Majestic Park will be upgraded soon

Kids playing on the play castle at Majestic Park

Bt April Murphy

Cr Fiona Cunningham of the Coorparoo Ward has announced the funding approval to upgrade Majestic Park, located on Eva Street.

The Brisbane Kids website describes the area as an ideal for toddlers and little ones still trying to find their feet. Cr Cunningham and Council’s Park Officers have plans to turn it into “something epic”.

The Councillor has stated that the funding she has secured will mean new play equipment and an overall facelift for the park, which will include new gym equipment. 

Residents are being urged to have their say on the future park design and facilities through

“You are invited to provide your thoughts on what you like about this popular green space and if you think the current Dragon theme should be included in future designs,” says Cr Cunningham. 

“I would love to hear from you and start collecting everyone’s ideas and visions for this incredible green space so that we can work together to create an amazing place to play and relax.”

  • What does this park mean to you?
  • What would you like to see in the park?
  • What do you want to keep?
  • What do your kids enjoy the most while playing?
  • Have you seen any play equipment elsewhere that could work here?

The current park design is based on a dragon and the symbol is expected to remain. However, suggestions from the Councillor are that another possible theme for the playground could be koalas. 

“To build awareness that these native animals are found nearby in many of the beautiful old gum trees and the finger gullies in our area,” says Cr Cunningham.

The Councillor has stated that once the ideas have been collated, she will continue to work with Council to create design options which will then be shared with the community for further consultation and an opportunity for residents to pick their favourite.

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