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Cultural Center Riverwalk to go under restoration process

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By Juliano Oliveira

The Cultural Center Riverwalk at South Brisbane is going under a $1.8 million restoration work process as of this week.

The reform includes measures to strengthen piles and replace supporting beams and decking. The riverwalk will be closed until mid-2021 when the works are expected to be done.

According to the Brisbane City Council, a cyclist and pedestrian detour will be in place for the duration of the project.

The pedestrian detour will run along Melbourne Street, Grey Street, and Stanley Place, while cyclists will travel through the Cultural Centre tunnel and Stanley Place.


The Riverwalk is 430m long, 4.6m wide and consists of timber decking planks on timber girders, headstocks and 118 timber piles. It plays a critical role in Brisbane’s transport network, catering for approximately 30,000 trips per week. 

Recent inspections of the Riverwalk highlighted multiple rusted brackets, splitting in some girders, significant weathering of the timber decking, as well as cracks and splitting into some piles.

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