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Consumers to have permanent access to real-time fuel prices

Petrol Station at night

By Juliano Oliveira

Queensland drivers will have permanent access to real-time fuel price through online apps offering data from over 1,550 petrol stations in the region.

According to the State Government, a trial program informing fuel prices in Queensland provided $9.8 million in savings to consumers at the bowser for the last two years.

Energy Minister Mick de Brenni said that, under the mandatory laws, these service stations publish their fuel prices within 30 minutes, so drivers can be confident of the best deal by comparing prices through several apps.

“In time for Christmas break, we’re giving families certainty that wherever in Queensland they are planning to go this summer, they can hit the road knowing the best place to fill up,” Mr de Brenni said.

“Whether it’s off-roading on Straddie, taking the van down the coast, or giving the V8 a workout around Lakeside, this summer drivers can find the cheapest fuel and spend more on what matters.

“In the last year alone, using apps could have saved Queensland drivers up to $147.”

RACQ spokesperson Dr Rebecca Michael said with real-time information in hands, local drivers will have the possibility of selecting fuel at its cheapest.

“Motorists have to shop smart rather than waiting for the fuel light to come on and filling up at the nearest servo who could be overcharging.”

Dr Michael said petrol prices jumped as much as 40% per litre in the rising phase of the south-east Queensland cycle.

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