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Grants open for inclusion program in Queensland


By Georgia Parsonson

The Community Action for a Multicultural Society (CAMS) program encourages local businesses to apply for grants to become program providers within their local communities.

CAMS is a program run by the State Government that supports individuals from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds to integrate into Queensland’s society, particularly their local communities social and employment opportunities.

Leanne Linard, Minister for Multicultural Affairs, says that the CAMS program accepts grant funding applications.

According to Minister Linard, the CAMS program is slated to provide $7.5 million to 17 local government areas over three years. This funding is intended for program providers in their efforts to support Queensland’s multicultural community.

The funding is expected to see the CAMS program expand over the next three years to 21 local providers can deliver on inclusive initiatives within their area.

“Here in Queensland, more than one million people are born overseas, and more than one in 10 speak a language other than English at home.

“We have such a rich diversity in our population, and I’m so proud of our CAMS program, which has been supporting people from culturally diverse backgrounds across the state since 1999.”

The 2022-24 program targets communities to aid them in developing social and economic inclusion regimes for individuals with linguistically or culturally diverse backgrounds.

“Successful organisations will work with local services, community groups and industry, as well as individuals and groups from culturally diverse backgrounds, to plan and deliver a range of projects, activities and initiatives that build sustainable opportunities for inclusion in local employment, services, networks and industries,” Minister Linard said.

“The program will have an increased focus on linking participants to the broader community, services and industry connections and opportunities.

“By doing this, they will be able to achieve their ambitions in terms of employment, training pathways and social activities.”

Applications are now open. They close on the 2nd of July, 2021. Any organisations interested in applying may visit for further details.

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