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Guidelines will help build bushfire-resilient homes


By Juliano Oliveira

2020 left a balance of more than 3000 bushfires registered in Queensland, resulting in 7.7 million burned hectares.

Residents have now at the palm of their hands a new Bushfire Resilient Building Guidance for Queensland Homes with information on how to adapt properties for fire situations.

The material is a joint effort between the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) and the national science agency (CSIRO).

Queensland Deputy Premier and Minister Steven Miles said scientists predict longer bushfire seasons and more extreme conditions, making home-protection even more critical in areas prone to fire.

“Based on extensive research, QRA and CSIRO’s hazard reduction experts have developed these guidelines, which provide innovative, practical and affordable solutions for adapting homes and gardens to be more bushfire and heat resistant,” Mr Miles said.

Minister for Fire and Emergency Services Mark Ryan said the State encourages the proactiveness of Queenslanders to protect themselves from bushfires, creating a survival plan.

“This will help Queenslanders plan what they will do during a bushfire, including what they will take with them and when and where they might evacuate,” Mr Ryan said.

The guide was based on years of experience across the country faced by bushfire hazard experts, according to CSIRO project leader Justin Leonard.

“CSIRO has performed post-bushfire surveillance and research in every major fire event in Australia since the 1983 Ash Wednesday fires,” Mr Leonard said.

“The guidelines provide information for homeowners and the building industry on how to develop more resilient housing in bushfire prone areas.

“As a best-practice document, and for the benefit of property owners, this guidance goes beyond the official building regulations.”

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