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Have your say: Brisbane’s inner west primary school

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By Juliano Oliveira

Brisbane’s inner west will receive the first state’s primary school in more than 60 years as residents are urged to participate in a public discussion undertaken by the Department of Education.

In the first semester of 2021, the consultation will be conducted online and in-person sessions, focusing on the school’s potential future location.

Education Minister Grace Grace expects the consultation to be rolled out as soon as possible already aiming the construction’s conclusion in 2023.

“Future consultation phases may include opportunities to provide feedback on elements such as the planning, school design, proposed catchment, relationship to existing schools and the school name,” Ms Grace said.

“The community will also have the opportunity to meet with the school principal, following their appointment, to develop the school’s vision.”

The State Government has reserved $65 million to build the new school. According to the administration, there are enrolment pressures in the inner western suburbs of Brisbane.

“We’re also aware of the constraints that prevent existing primary schools from expanding,” Ms Grace said.

“That was identified through our Queensland Schools Planning Reference Committee and a subsequent report prepared by the department ahead of the announcement.

“By working with the community, we can ensure that we get the best outcome for students and parents in the future.”

The most recent primary school to open in Brisbane’s inner suburbs was Seven Hills State School in Morningside which opened in 1960.

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