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Have your say on the proposed changes to Brisbane City Plan

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By Estelle Sanchez

Brisbane City Council has opened for public consultation its amendment proposal ahead of changes to the City Plan, dating back to 2014.

Written submissions are now opened for the following amendment packages until 11:59 pm, Monday 9 August 2021. You can now make a submission through City Plan online, write an email to the project team, or directly send a letter.

Package K’s major amendment includes a wide range of proposed changes in city provisions, including zone changes, overlay changes, industry changes, park changes, heritage changes, and planning scheme policy changes.

Zone changes will give effect to Brisbane’s Future Blueprint action “Audit Emerging Community land and rezone to low-density residential land where appropriate”. 

It includes rezoning properties that have been acquired through the Council’s Bushland Acquisition Program, which purchases and protects properties with significant environmental value.

Industry changes will affect actions 1, 2, 3, 6 and 8 from the Brisbane Industrial Strategy 2019 to provide a more flexible approach to land use outcomes in different Industry zones.

Planning scheme policy changes include standard drawings for pedestrian and cyclist facilities, traffic signals and intelligent transport systems, streetscape, landscape, transport, and parking.

To find out more about package K, click here.

The second amendment is the package N, including proposed changes in planning scheme policy such as public lighting, stormwater treatment devices and Brisbane Standard Drawings and Reference Specifications.
It aims to provide further changes to the design, construction, delivery, and maintenance of infrastructure to remain in accordance with industry best practice and Council standards. To find out more about package N, click here.

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