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Her sewing has brought more than help: hope


By April Murphy

Caitlin Logarzo is an inspiring mother of two and is one of Brisbane’s many that are performing selfless acts to give something back to the community.

She is currently on maternity leave from her position as a Child Care Educator at Seeds Early Learning Centre in Shailer Park. Looking after two young children didn’t stop her from taking on a project that has put smiles on the faces of residents in her local area.

After chatting with a friend about the lack of face masks available, Caitlin did some research and found that online users were scared and desperate searching for masks.

“I made some masks for my friends that couldn’t obtain any and then I just kept sewing. I decided to keep sewing to help our local community,” says Caitlin.

In 48 hours, she sewed 346 masks – totalling 444 handmade items. The “new local producer” decided to hang up the masks along her front fence as a free option for residents who needed face protection.

As people started to collect the free masks, Caitlin would hang more up until they were all gone.

The products are made to fit an adult male but, because of the fitted elastic, they are adjustable making the masks suitable for all ages. The material is bright and colourful.

“I found children we’re scared of the mask so I tried to make them as bright and fun as possible so that when children saw them they weren’t scared instead they were excited,” says Ms Logarzo.

Caitlin has spent close to $1000 on materials for the masks and did not charge residents anything for them.

“I’m glad I helped some local families in our community.”

The careful mother has been overwhelmed with grateful responses from the community. She says that she would 100 per cent do it again – but right now she is dealing with a teething baby, so time will tell.

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