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Holiday program empowers teenage girls in QLD


By Juliano Oliveira

Empowering adolescent girls through the process of building resilience and emotional balance is the main goal of the program “The Heart of the Feminine”.

This new school holidays workshop expects to serve as a place where conversations often are hidden under the carpet may naturally arise.

“The Heart of the Feminine was created to impact the lives, families, futures and emotional wellbeing of teenage girls as they journey the tricky years towards womanhood,” says facilitator and motivational speaker Jasmine Cherie.

The program is a full-day workshop followed by a six-week online personal mentoring period to support the participants and provide a platform to share journeys and cultivate lifelong friendships.

“After talking with parents who want the very best for their daughters, I saw a real need for programs like this to connect with girls who wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to access this type of support,” explains Ms Cherie.

The workshop is fully built on building self-confidence, developing deep and supportive friendships, strengthening body image, understanding boundaries and gaining an overall sense of excitement for life.

The program’s developer Jasmine Cherie has a decade of experience in personal and professional

“Teenage girls are facing complex issues, including serious matters such as cyber-bullying and relationship difficulties with peers and family. “Good mental health and emotional wellbeing allow young people to develop the resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and grow into well-rounded, healthy adults.”

The Heart of the Feminine workshop will be held in the school holidays on the Gold Coast and Brisbane on 13 and 15 January respectively before the tour focuses on regional Queensland visiting Chinchilla on January 20, St George on January 22 followed by Goondiwindi on January 24.

Each participant will attend a full-day workshop and receive access to a six-week online program which provides continued mentoring and support as they integrate all that they learned in the workshop.

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