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Mini farm project in Brisbane delivers food to those in need

Mini Farm

By April Murphy

48-year-old, Burpengary resident Nick Steiner is the CEO and founder of the Mini Farm Project, an idea developed in 2014 that the UK celebrity Chief Hugh Fearnley inspired.

The Mini Farm Project is an Australian charity that converts under-utilised spaces into urban farms to grow food. The production is donated to organisations responsible for assisting those in need. 

Mr Steiner believes that the vulnerable in our communities deserve access to good quality and nutritious meals.

“I have always wanted to do what Hugh Fearnley does with land sharing. I want to help the community, and I love gardening, so I have just combined the three,” says Mr Steiner.

By doing this, the project is creating a culture around nutritious food. One acre of land can produce up to 10,000kg of food or 30,000 meals.

The Mini Farm Project is currently located in Samford (Millen Farm) and Alexandra Hills, where the land comprises 500m2 and is a mixed-use site.

At the Alexandra Hills farm, there is a partnership with Traction, a non-profit organisation. Together they turn the garden space into a production farm and an area for workshops and tours.

The Mini Farm Project grows all sorts of nutritional goodness such as salad mix, radish, turnips, kale, eggplant, cucumber zucchini and herbs. 

“Our charity partner is Meals on Wheels Pine Rivers and Districts, and 50% of what we produce is donated freely. The other 50% is sold to self-fund the farm,” says Mr Steiner.

Mr Steiner’s goal is to continue doing what they are doing and hopefully, one day, have over 1000 acres of land to grow, produce and donate to much-needed charities.

Currently, Mr Steiner and two farmers run the not-for-profit charity, but they welcome anyone that wants to volunteer their time. The Mini Farm Project is also looking for corporate partners or Brisbane residents interested in sponsoring a garden bed.

To find out more information about the project, you can head to the website

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