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More than 6000 Australians have recovered from COVID-19


By Juliano Oliveira

The most recent number of Australians who have recovered from COVID-19 is 6023, has announced Health Minister Greg Hunt.

“All of that brings me to where we are now, the latest advice I have from the National Incident Centre is 6891 cases, 18 cases in the 24 hours,” he said.

There are 771 active cases, currently.

“Sadly, we have lost 97 beautiful lives along the way, many of them elderly. So, that’s why we’ll continue to fight. We are down to 24 people in ICU, and 17 people on ventilators, but we’ll continue to push to save and protect every life.”

Mr Hunt said that more than 700,000 tests have been conducted in Australia. He also announced that 40 million masks from the National Medical Stockpile will be made available now.

“That will include 35 million masks between now and the end of May for our hospitals.”

“It will include 1.5 million additional masks for our aged care workers, and 3.5 million for our primary health care workers, including 2 million for general practices, with a specific focus, obviously, on the doctors and the nurses.”

“It will also include 220,000 for respiratory clinics, 660,000 for pharmacy, 500,000 for allied health workers and 120,000 for Indigenous health workers.”

Tomorrow (8) the National Cabinet will be gathering again to decide whether social restrictions will be eased.

“And so what we hope comes out of National Cabinet tomorrow, and what I expect, is a clear roadmap out, with clear stages and then each state will be able to judge and we’ll support each of the states as they make their judgements of their own circumstances in readiness to go to easing restrictions.”

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