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Campaign urges Australians to get COVID-19 vaccine


By Juliano Oliveira

The Australian Government has rolled out a $23.9 million multimedia campaign encouraging the population to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has provisionally approved the use of the Pfizer vaccine, produced in a joint effort by Germany and the USA.

It is confirmed that the campaign will ensure the safety and efficacy of the immunization, and shed light on how it will be rolled out, particularly to priority groups, and dosage requirements.

Australians will also be informed about how and where to get vaccinated and support vaccine uptake.

“The roll-out will begin by providing protection to those who need it most – the elderly and disabled, and frontline workers who are tirelessly working to save lives and protect lives,” Minister for Health and Aged Care, Greg Hunt, said.

“The information in this campaign, based on expert, and independent, medical advice, will help answer the questions people may have.”

Special committees representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people with a disability and the multicultural community are acting as spokespersons in disseminating the importance of the vaccine through the best communication channels to these communities.

“Australia is a vaccination nation – we have one of the highest vaccination rates in the world. Australians understand that vaccines work. They save lives. They improve lives. They protect lives,” MP Hunt said.

“I am confident, given Australia’s high vaccination coverage rates that Australians will take up a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine in equally high numbers.”

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