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Naplan’s week: relieving the students’ stress

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By April Murphy

The National Assessment Program (Naplan) hits our schools this week, with a series of tests set over four days that focus on the basic skills (Literacy and Numeracy) administered to students throughout the academy year.

All Australian students in years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will sit for the NAPLAN tests each school day this week, starting on Tuesday the 11th of May.

The students will be tested in reading, writing, language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, also known as ACARA, administers the exams.

The tests are designed to determine if Australian students are achieving outcomes, but how does the added pressure affect our learners?

MJ Longden is in year 7 at Trinity College in Beenleigh. She has stated her nervousness and discomfort over the necessity of having extra pressure at this time.

“This is my first year of high school, and there are so many new things to learn and adjust to. I don’t really understand why we even need to do Naplan,” says MJ.

Just like the rest of us, our students have had their world turned upside down due to the pandemic. Helping our children to avoid any extra stress or anxiety is very important.

Helpful Hints

Sleep – Ensure your child is well-rested before each day of the exams
Food – Provide a good healthy breakfast
Talk – Discuss the test with your child. Explain what NAPLAN is and why it is compulsory
Practice – There are practice tests available online
Prize – Reward your child with something they enjoy after each day of the exams

“My mum has created four mystery boxes for me to open each day after Naplan, each containing some sort of reward,” says MJ.

Overall, an important message to send your children during the Naplan testing is to keep calm; there is no reason to stress and try their best.

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