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New check-in app makes COVID-safe easier in QLD


By Claire Matthews

Queenslanders dining in at cafes and restaurants will soon be able to check-in faster and more efficiently with a new Check-In Qld app.

Today, the free app rolls out across Queensland’s hospitality venues for patrons to register their contact details for COVID-Safe.

Customers simply download the system, fill in their details once, and check-in easily at any participating venue. 

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the platform helps take the pressure off businesses and hospitality workers.

“It simplifies compliance with Public Health Directions for all hospitality venues, with patrons and customers able to self-check-in and have their information stored securely.

“Once people have used the Check-In Qld app at one business, it remembers your details, saving you time in the future and providing easy on-going, check-in across all participating venues.

“Importantly, the app removes some of the everyday burdens of COVID-19 restrictions for licenced venues, cafes and their customers.”

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to help keep our community safe, and effective contact tracing still remains at the heart of our public health response,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

The app was trialled for the last few weeks. More than 204 businesses registered and are using the new app, and more than 29,000 customers have checked in at these venues.

By using the Check-In Qld app, businesses will not need to collect or manage the information manually.

The data entered into each customer’s app will be stored securely by the Queensland Government when they check-in and will help to ensure it is readily available to contact tracers if required.

It is not mandatory to use the Check-In Qld app. However, all hospitality businesses must continue to collect and store contact details electronically.

Other electronic methods include online fillable forms, membership card scanners, online booking systems and a digital spreadsheet.

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