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New movie wants to draw attention to climate change

Protest sign with a drawing of the Planet on it with the words "One World"

By Juliano Oliveira

The film ‘Letters’, has been launched with the aspiration to raise awareness and mobilise political support for Climate Change, according to Photoplay Films.

The director Melvin J. Montalban and his family found themselves trapped on the south coast when the bushfires swept through last summer. They counted on the local community for support.

“From having no power to pump petrol or to buy food at the grocery checkout, to mobile reception being cut out, and with it access to the fire warning app, everyone was left to overcome a dangerous situation in a very vulnerable state,” Mr Montalban said.

“Haunted by this trip, I wanted to make a film to not only document this experience, but to also address climate action in a productive and hopeful way, so that we can compel our politicians to enact change.”

According to Photoplay Films, the campaign film encourages Australians to write to their local member of parliament, urging them to support the new Climate Change Act.

One of the intentions of the movie is to prepare the ground for Independent MP Zali Steggall in introducing her Climate Change Bill to parliament this November.

Ms Steggall affirms that the impacts of climate change represent the greatest threat to Australia national security, economy, health and environment.

“But if we implement an effective plan now to deliver Net Zero by 2050, we can create a safe and prosperous future for ourselves and our children,” she says.

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