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New record: check the prices before filling up your car

Petrol Station at night

By Juliano Oliveira

Queensland drivers are advised to check fuel prices before heading out into the field in search of a gas station, as petrol is being sold above 170 cents per litre in over 80% of service stations across Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

In June, a report released by RACQ pointed out the average unleaded prices were 4.1cpl higher than in May. A monthly average of 150.3cpl was also a 32-month record high, with Brisbane the most expensive capital city for fuel in the country in June.

Club spokesperson Renee Smith said drivers should jump onto their apps like RACQ Fair Fuel Finder to find a cheaper deal during expensive phases.

“Even if it is only a few cents cheaper, it’s worth it – because it encourages those competitive retailers to keep their prices down. 

“If you’re unable to find a better deal in your area, then stop for now to get you through until prices in the next cheap phase, which could take up to three weeks.”

As unleaded is being sold above 170cpl, Ms Smith explained that the daily average price is 173.5cpl in Brisbane and 173.3cpl on the Gold Coast, exceeding the previous record highs from December 2019.

“It’s caused by a triple whammy. We’re at the high point in the fuel cycle in SEQ, oil prices (in Australian dollars) are at a two-year-high, and retailers have retained unreasonably high retail margins.

“During the pandemic servos had high indicative retail margins because so many people weren’t driving so fuel sales volumes were low – but now sales are back to normal, the fact they’re still charging these exorbitant prices is frankly unfair.”

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