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New stations aimed between Ipswich and Springfield


By Alisdair Valente

Nine new railway stations are being proposed between Ipswich Central and Springfield Central, including key stations at places like Ripley and Yamanto.

$2.5 million is needed for an Ipswich and Springfield public transport corridor to ease ongoing and constant congestion between the two areas.

Ipswich Mayor, Teresa Harding met with Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack and Deputy Mayor, Marnie Doyle in a community consultation capacity to press the case to Mr McCormack further.

“Our fastest growing communities between Ipswich, Ripley, Redbank Plains and Springfield will rapidly transform over the coming years, and residents need to be connected to jobs, education, and other public services,” Mayor Harding said.

“Our advocacy efforts have secured $1 million from the State Government, and I have asked the Federal Government for $1.5 million,” Mayor Harding said.

Mayor Harding believes that the government grant would be a small price to pay as a significant improvement to the public transport corridor greatly benefits the economy.

“If we do nothing, the local road network will fail by 2031 and it will cost the national economy more than $1 billion in productivity losses by 2036,” Mayor Harding said.

Cr Doyle also added to Mayor Harding’s insistence on developing a public transport corridor between Ipswich and Springfield as a way of broadening the south-east region.

“With approximately 70 per cent of the population growth in Ipswich occurring between Ipswich and Springfield, this public transport corridor is vital in easing the burden on our road network and keeping our community moving,” Cr Doyle said.

“There will be improved travel times, economic and employment opportunity along the corridor, diversified housing supply and reduced congestion,” Cr Doyle said.

Infrastructure Australia is currently reviewing the Ipswich’s strategic assessment of Springfield Public Transport Corridor project for inclusion on the Infrastructure Priority List.

For more information on the public transport corridor and details on where the stops would be, visit

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