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Petition pushes BCC for the return of Kerbside Collection

An old teddy bear left on the curb for collect

By Juliano Oliveira and April Murphy

A public petition requesting the reintroduction of Kerbside Collection across Brisbane has gathered 5,436 signatures, Deputy Opposition Leader Kara Cook has informed.

Ms Cook, also responsible for the Morningside Ward, had started a petition to have Kerbside clean-up immediately reinstated last June.

“It’s a service that’s relied upon by thousands, especially those who may find it difficult to get to a tip or lift heavy unwanted items,” she said to a Labor Council online portal.

Currently, there are two petitions for Council to reinstate the Calamvale and Paddington Ward Kerbside Collection 2020. The closing date for both applications is 31 January.

Because of COVID-19, the collection service had to be paused in April 2020. Shortly after, Brisbane’s Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner cancelled it for two years.

Cr Schrinner said the decision was needed, alongside the council’s pay freeze, to claw back a combined $50 million from the expected $142.5 million holes in revenue as a result of the pandemic.

“I love it too, but it is hard to find savings without slashing essential services.” Lord Mayor Schrinner says. 

“The news that the council have suspended Kerbside clean-up is very disappointing. I work long hours, and it is extremely hard for me to get to the dump. Not to mention that dump fees are expensive and with all the recent job losses, the fees of going to the dump are an additional cost that some families will not be able to afford,” says Catherine Schaffer, resident of Milton.

“As someone who uses the service every year, cancellation of the Kerbside clean-up was frustrating to hear. It is one of the few council initiatives I actually take advantage of. Surely there are other, less utilised services that could be cut to save money,” says Ellen Grove, resident of Peter Rees.

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