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Police and community working together to solve crimes


By Alisdair Valente

Ipswich residents can now register to voluntary closed-circuit television (CCTV) in a joint effort between Ipswich District Crime Prevention and Queensland Police Service to reduce investigation time for crimes caught on camera.

The Community Camera Alliance (CAA) directly aims to promote a positive relationship between communities and local police by encouraging CCTV systems located in residents and business environments in Ipswich.

CAA will also enhance investigation capacity and increase community engagement through the establishment of a voluntary CCTV registration system on the QPS database, QPRIME.

CCTV has become a crucial investigative tool in modern-day policing as the technology vision is regularly used to solve serious crimes and is invaluable when used as evidence.

Registration is open to any individual, owner, or operator of a CCTV system across the Ipswich Police District. The process is made simple by community consultation helping QPS design the enrolment.

All you need to do is complete a registration form, and your voluntary registration will be stored in an existing secure database, QPRIME, which is solely used by members of the QPS.

Members of the QPS will be able to access the details of your registration for purposes of investigating a crime. Your registration advises police where a CCTV system is located. If the police believe that your system can help solve a crime or help in any other way, you will be contacted and asked to help.

If you change your mind, relocate or remove your system, you can notify the authorities through the Ipswich District Crime Prevention Unit.

You can complete a registration form at your local police station or online, as well as being able to register your camera under the ‘CCTV system registration’ at

If you would like more information on the CCA or crime prevention strategies, please contact Ipswich District Crime Prevention Unit on 3817 1351 or email on

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