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Pop-up bike lanes proposed for Brisbane CBD


By Aline Rodrigues

Bicycle Queensland, a lobby group who advocates for cyclists in the state, has developed a concept plan setting separated ‘pop-up’ bike lanes in Brisbane’s CBD.

The proposal, presented to Brisbane City Council and the State Government, would originate separated bikeways on George and Mary streets in a bid to keep cyclists away from heavy vehicles and cars, identified as a safety risk that keeps them from riding into the CBD.

According to the CEO of Bicycle Queensland, Rebecca Randazzo, the proposal follows numerous cities globally setting up temporary bike lanes on formerly busy streets to help people get around during the pandemic.

“Public transport continues to be a difficult proposition for many people as we come out of the pandemic but still continue with social distancing,” she said.

The plan

The existing bike lanes along George Street would be extended to create three-metre wide bi-directional lanes, using pop-up barriers and line dividers on the road.

Thus, Mary Street bikeway would run from George down to Edward Street. On-street parking spaces would have to be removed. On the other hand, it would be targeting mostly roads already affected by major construction works.

“Improving safety and convenience in the CBD itself takes away one more major barrier for people who want to return to their workplaces, but don’t want to be stuck in traffic for hours”, says Randazzo.

Also “people who work in the CBD need incentives to leave the car at home, and get to work by bicycle and walking”, she highlights.

Read more about this proposal in the link below:

CBD Pop-up Cycle Space Proposal

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