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Program gives access to sport for people with disability

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By Claire Matthews

Schools and sporting clubs can participate in a program called Sport4All, which aims to ensure people with a disability have equal access to participate in sport. 

One in five Australians have some form of disability, and yet people with disability are less likely to participate in sport. 

Get Skilled Access’ Sport4All program is supported through a $2 million investment from the Morrison Government. The program is designed to train, educate and provide resources for schools and sporting clubs to offer inclusive access to sport. 

Get Skilled Access ambassador Ben Pettingill said Sport4All strives to break down barriers for people with a disability to become involved in sport. 

“We know the positive impact sport can have on people, particularly with regards to mental health and a sense of belonging in being a part of a team or community. This is no different for people with a disability,” Mr Pettingill said. 

“Whether it’s participating in sport at a grassroots level, or coaching, becoming a volunteer, official or administrator, Sport4All is about breaking down the barriers to participating in a sport for people with disability in any role they choose”.

Mr Pettingill said it’s essential to provide training to teachers, coaches and sporting administrators in creating an inclusive and supportive sporting environment. 

“Often young kids with a disability are turned away from getting involved with sport because local sporting clubs and organisations are unsure about how to be more inclusive – it’s often put into the ‘too hard’ basket.

“… It’s time we made the sport accessible to everyone. That is why Sport4All is so important, and we encourage all sporting clubs and schools to make a commitment.”

Sport4All works with National Sporting Bodies and Associations to ensure best practice for inclusion and accessibility in sports. 

Sport4All involves people with disability in creating the program. From designing the program and resources to being facilitators and leaders, this ensures that clubs and schools can maximise inclusion.  

Sporting clubs and schools can register interest to participate in the Sport4All program here. 

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