Stream Themes

Untangling the tropes of streamed shows theme by theme.

Presented by Jane Watson-Brown.

Wednesday 6:45 pm | Repeat: Thursday 3:45am, Sunday 8:30 pm and Monday 5 am 

Stream themes looks at themes and tropes in streamed shows and movies. A theme may be character types, ideas or story tropes that the shows have in common. In a time when there is so much choice in entertainment, conversations about what you like are unlimited, with all tastes catered to. There are no longer many water-cooler moments, so stream themes offers another type of conversation. Looking at character types, ideologies and tropes lets us have conversations about our favourite shows without the need to convert other people. In this season themes will be span 2-3 episodes covering one title per episode. The presenter will offer her take on these shows and themes alongside the reviews of international critics.