Tea and Opium

The history of the Tea and Opium trade between China and Britain in the 19th Century.

Presented by Kate Hawkins.

Thursday 7pm | Repeat: Friday 4am, Sunday 5:30 pm and Monday 2:30 am

Tea and Opium… East and West… two commodities and two nations, China and Britain, forever changed by the influence of just two plants… The Camellia sinensis and the poppy. It’s a story of smuggling and piracy, of disguise and trespassing, of tea leaving China and opium flooding in. It’s a story of botany, and innovation and of empires at war. To understand the China of today, we have to look back and understand the China of the 19th century. As to know our past is to know our future. And I promise you’ll never drink a cup of tea in the same way again…