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Queen Street Mall assessed to receive a new look

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By April Murphy

A new development application for a 33-storey building above Queen Street Mall has been submitted to Brisbane City Council on the 11th of August and is currently being assessed.

The new tower application is said to cost of $480 million and was designed by Blight Rayner Architects.

The proposed development incorporates over 2000 square metres of space for retail outlets and basement car and bicycle parking to accommodate. However, the primary use of the space will be for offices.

Development Brisbane says the tower features a tapered design and aims to achieve all 31 criteria of Brisbane City Council’s ‘Building’s that Breathe’ guidelines.

“Such high-quality architecture is consistent with Brisbane’s continued development as a new world city. It also positively contributes to Brisbane’s reputation as a world leader in promoting sub-tropical architecture,” says Blight Rayner.

The 6-star green star proposed building also features a rooftop sky garden, mid-level garden and large landscaped terrace on top of the building’s podium.

According to the application, a total of 1,300m of outdoor open space will be provided.

“60 Queen Street’s design will capture the two most important gateway streets to the retail heart of Brisbane as well as becoming a counterpoint to Queen’s Wharf,” Charter Hall’s Bradley Norris said.

In 2017 an application was already approved for this site. However, Charter Hall, Property Fund Investment, recently acquired the site in 2018 and welcomed new applications.

The previous application was for an 81-storey residential tower that would overlook the Treasury Casino. Brisbane Development webpage states that this tower was set to be the first Australian residential apartment building to be situated directly on a CBD shopping strip.

The development application for the new project is available to view on Brisbane City Council’s Planning & Development Online.

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