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Prioritise the safety of your personal information


By Juliano Oliveira

The Privacy Awareness Week 2021 calls on Queenslanders to prioritise the safety of their personal information as the number of breached data has grown over the years.

In 2020, the total quantity of records compromised exceeded 37 billion, a 141% increase compared to 2019 and by far the most records exposed in a single year, according to a report released by Risk Based Security.

It comes down to a point where it is critical to look out for ourselves and those around us who might be less tech-savvy, like children and seniors). Knowing how to protect your personal information is as valuable as the information itself.

Working with public sector agencies across the state, the Office of the Information Commissioner Queensland has summed up several tips on protecting personal information.

* When using technology and apps – Check privacy settings are up-to-date, use multi-factor authentication for added security, create strong passwords

* When using social media – Be careful what you share, especially if it is personal information about you or a child

* When someone asks for your personal information – Ask why they need it and will it be securely stored in Australia or somewhere with equivalent protection?

* When you are asked for someone else’s personal information – Where appropriate, let that person decide if they want to share it – if they do, they can pass it on

“On top of this, increasingly, the community expects greater transparency from the government in handling their personal information. In 2020, 83% of Australians said they would like the government to protect the privacy of their data.”

Find out more about Privacy Awareness Week 2021 by visiting the Office of the Information Commissioner’s website

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