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Queenslanders share their stories and opinions about domestic violence

A group of young women making heart shapes with their hands.

By Gabriella Marcelline

Survivors of domestic abuse have recently submitted their stories to The Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce, an independent, consultative group established to better protect people experiencing violence.

Over 600 community submissions voice the concerns and opinions that Queenslanders have about domestic abuse. Of 400 general requests analysed, up 40% are victims/survivors of domestic, family or sexual abuse sharing their own experiences.  

Chair of the Taskforce, the Hon Margaret McMurdo AC, says these submissions detail personal experiences that demonstrate how wide-reaching abuse is and just how determined Queenslanders are to stop it.

“We have submissions from women of all ages, socio-economic backgrounds and locations which demonstrates that domestic and family abuse is prevalent, insidious and doesn’t discriminate,” Ms McMurdo said.

“As expected, we have received a wide range of opinions, including arguments for and against the criminalisation of coercive control.

“What the submissions have in common, though, is a determination to better educate our community about domestic abuse, to keep victim survivors safe, and to make perpetrators accountable.”

The Taskforce is still reviewing these submissions and will publish multiple over the next few months.

“We will evaluate the feedback from these submissions and our extensive face-to-face, state-wide consultation to develop recommendations that are truly in the best interests of our diverse Queensland community,” Ms McMurdo said.

The Taskforce will continue consultations face-to-face, with planned trips to Townsville and Palm Island in August.

To learn more about the Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce, go to

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