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Residents call for improved roads in Balmoral

Lytton Road

By Claire Matthews

Residents of Balmoral, Bulimba, Morningside and Murrarrie are calling for the council to improve congested and dangerous roads in the area.

Belinda Ward, of Morningside, started an e-petition on the Brisbane City Council website for upgrades to Lytton Road, between Apollo Road, Bulimba, and Barrack Road, Murarrie.

Specifically, she asked for signalised intersections at the roundabout on Junction Road, and at the Thynne Road, both difficult to navigate and dangerous during peak times.

“So the roundabout at Colmslie road definitely needs traffic lights. We possibly also need traffic lights at the Thynne Road intersection, which is right near Balmoral State High School,” Ward said, “In between, it really just needs the road edges fixed up. The bridge across Perrrin creek is really narrow, and there’s no place for people walking or cycling, so that needs fixing up.”

Ward said many intersections in the area, including Thynne Road, Taylor Street, Riverside Drive, Riverside Place, Col Gardner Drive, Beverley Street, and Breene Place are over capacity.

“Lytton Road is a very busy road which is quite dangerous to get to the facilities. There’s a lot of development already, and I feel like it’s overcapacity and it’s not safe, particularly for people walking or cycling.”

Ward said the constant stream of traffic along Lytton Road makes it difficult for cyclists and pedestrians, including students who attend Balmoral State High School and Cannon Hill Anglican College.

It’s supposed to be a major cycle route, but it’s also a major truck route, so it’s hazardous, that combination of cyclists and trucks on the road is a recipe for disaster. That’s why it needs to be fixed up, so that it’s safe for everyone. Then, we need some more places where it’s safe to cross the road.

“Lytton Road should be the route to school for many students attending Balmoral State High and Cannon Hill Anglican College, but very few families allow their children to walk or ride to school along this road because it is dangerous and difficult to cross.”

Brisbane City Council’s Infrastructure Chair David McLachlan said the council will consider improving these roads as part of their city-wide plans.

“The Schrinner Council Administration has identified the Junction Rd roundabout and Thynne Rd intersection in Morningside as locations to receive an upgrade to improve safety, reduce congestion and improve accessibility. These plans will be progressed in line with other city-wide priorities.

The petition closed yesterday and received 606 signatures.

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