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Restrictions to remain in Queensland until 15 April


By Juliano Oliveira

Following the lift of tree-days-lockdown in Greater Brisbane, Queensland Government has decided to maintain several restrictions in place until Thursday, 15 April.

After the growth of two Brisbane clusters containing the UK variant, the local government determined the beginning of a lockdown.

“The lockdown has been lifted in greater Brisbane, but we’re not out of the woods yet, so I’m asking all Queenslanders for the next two weeks … to do the right thing, we can get through this together,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

Queenslanders are required to carry a face mask at all times. It is mandatory the use of protection at all indoor public spaces and outdoors when socially distance is not possible.

Cafés and restaurants can return to seated eating and drinking as long as the distance of 2 metres between customer is respected. No standing and no dancing is allowed indoors. 

The maximum number of people gathered in the household is 30; 500 people can gather in public spaces (outdoors), and weddings are allowed to have 200 guests.

Church services will be allowed 100 per cent occupancy with ticketed or allocated seating or adhering to the one-per-two-square-metre rule.

Restrictions on aged care, hospitals, disability care and correctional facilities will apply with no personal visitors allowed during this period.

These restrictions will be reviewed in two weeks.

The majority of hospitality businesses across Queensland will mandatorily have to check-in customers through the COVID-Safe App as of 1 May.

After the growth of two Brisbane clusters containing the UK variant, Queensland Government has decided to determine the system’s mandatory nature to assist with contact tracing efforts. 

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