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Rooftop gardens in Brisbane. What’s your opinion?

By April Murphy

Brisbane City Council has proposed changes to provisions aiming to ensure the City Plan 2014 remains effective and up to date.

Through amendments to the proposal, the administration ensures planning decisions continue to reflect principles developed with community input, including creating and protecting green space.

The proposed amendment includes changes across a range of citywide provisions to:

• encourage the provision of rooftop gardens by allowing those that achieve required standards to be excluded from the calculation of the maximum number of storeys in medium to high-density locations supporting residential, commercial and mixed-use multi-storey developments

• ensure rooftop gardens are integrated into the overall design of buildings, support a green building appearance and enhance the presentation and visual amenity of rooftops and the skyline

• ensure where landscaping is proposed in rooftop gardens and other artificial growing environments (such as green roofs and green walls on buildings), City Plan standards are appropriate to ensure the successful delivery, maintenance and performance of landscaping over the long term.

The changes for rooftop gardens also include new provisions to ensure rooftop gardens:

• are integrated as part of the overall architectural design of buildings
• support a green building appearance and enhance the presentation and visual amenity of the rooftop and skyline.

Brisbane City Council is calling out for residents to have their say on the proposed changes. All submissions must be in by 11:59 pm on Sunday the 13th of December.

Council has said that submissions must be made appropriately and in writing and can be sent to Council Strategic Department directly.
For more information on the amendment, you can contact the council on (07) 3403 8888

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