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State to examinates clarity of sexual consent in schools


By Juliano Oliveira

Queensland Government will kick off an examination process into the way sexual consent is being addressed in state schools.

Followed by reports of young people and their experiences in state and non-government schools, the Education Department seeks answers on whether teaching institutions adequately address sexual consent.

Education Minister Grace Grace told Parliament today that her department, alongside non-government and state education sectors, would assess the Australian curriculum and respectful relationships education.

The Government’s Sexual Violence Prevention Roundtable, set to happen this week, will have the issue included in the agenda following the minister’s request.

“Young Queenslanders have been sharing their personal stories of disturbing behaviours, including sexual violence, during and after their school years,” she said.

“It is a responsibility of parents, carers and society more broadly to educate and support young people in addressing issues of sexual harassment, assault and consent.”

She urged any victim of sexual violence to make a report to the police and seek support or advice by calling DVConnect’s sexual assault helpline.

If you have been impacted by sexual assault, rape or sexual violence, it is essential to know there are a range of help and support options available.

If you have recently experienced sexual assault, rape or sexual violence, get yourself to a safe place as soon as possible and:

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