Want to be a program host?

We are looking for new program hosts to join our programming line up. Programs are scheduled on a six-month programming grid, so you’ll need to be able to commit to 26 weekly episodes. You can record the show in our studios at Spring Hill, or at home anywhere in the world! Apply now to be considered for Grid 1 2024 (Dec 2023 – June 2024).

Everyone is welcome to, and we are particularly looking for presenters in the following communities:

  • Students
  • First Nations
  • Diverse in Gender and Sexuality
  • Disability
  • Tech/IT
  • Education
  • Philosophy and Religion
  • Food
  • Sport

Head to the Volunteer With Us page to become a volunteer and tick ‘Program Host’.

For more information email contact@readingradio.org.au

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the full process for becoming a program host?

First you need to become a volunteer with us, which you can do by filling in the form on the Volunteer With Us page. From there you will be invited to provide an at-home audition. Once you pass the audition you’ll be invited to come in for an in-person induction (or Zoom if you can’t be here physically), and finally you’ll apply for the actual program. Program applications are open twice a year in the lead-up to the new programming grid, but you can still get in touch with ideas outside these times.

What does a show involve?

The best way to find out is to listen to one! Find our program guide here. In terms of commitment, you’ll need to produce an episode a week for 26 weeks. These are usually recorded a couple of weeks before going to air, and can be done a few at a time, so you can still take holidays or get sick or have life generally intervene without missing an episode.

Do I need any qualifications?

No qualifications are needed. You will need to be able to read clearly and articulately. Any skills like audio editing will allow you to make the show even better, but this isn’t essential- we will teach you the radio basics.

If you are based outside Brisbane you will need a good home recording set-up able to produce broadcast quality recordings without background noise, and some audio editing skills are recommended but not essential.

What can I read?

You can read magazines, books, websites, or a combination of them. Some shows are readings from a single source, others are readings from a range of sources but about the same topic or interest.

What is the ‘programming grid’?

Our program guide is refreshed every six months, to provide a balance between consistency and shows starting and ending. From a listener’s perspective it is when the Program Guide changes. From a program host’s perspective it is when you’ll have to recommit to another six months of episodes, or move onto a new idea.

If you’ve got other questions, email contact@readingradio.org.au and we’ll try to answer them