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The future communication in the Scenic Rim

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By Alisdair Valente

The Scenic Rim Regional Council is putting transparency and communication first for the community with the release of a three-year strategic plan to stop missing opportunities.

The recently released ‘Scenic Rim Regional Council Communication Strategy 2020-23’ has taken on board feedback and consultation from the community to help develop future partnerships.

The consistency of updated information published to community boards, increased incorporation of business partnerships, and establishing workshops open to those in customer service to improve their writing skills are just some of the many operations that will be introduced in the Scenic Rim from March 2021.

CEO and Vigneron of Bunjurgen Estate Vineyard, David McMaugh believes that the Scenic Rim Regional Council provides excellent services to tourism, economic and business development capacities.

“I see the personal contact in each case, I deal directly with the officers responsible, and it is really quite simple to find where people are and who can help,” Mr McMaugh said.

Achieving effective communication to Mr McMaugh means being honest and frank as well as considering the issues from both sides.

“Above all, being well mannered, treating people as equals and being respectful has served me very well across Australia in my roughly 45-year period working life.

Mr McMaugh officially opened the Bunjurgen Estate Vineyard in 2003 and attributes the demonstration of these qualities to be what makes the positive difference in the community.

“If people feel as though there is a lack of transparency in the relationship, it goes back to those points I’ve said before – you have to be honest, be frank, consider both positions and state things clearly, but respectfully,” Mr McMaugh said.

Scenic Rim Mayor, Greg Christensen recognises that the Scenic Rim Regional Council needs to resolve missed opportunities and lapses in community engagement.

“It’s not just about keeping our communities informed, but also increasing their knowledge about key themes and issues that affect them every day,” Mr Christensen said.

Mr McMaugh believes that it is the impersonal side of communication through cryptic messages via emails or letters that can negatively affect community and business relations.

“Nothing beats personal relationships. Things like timeliness and focus are built from personal communication – and that builds a degree of trust and paves the way forward,” Mr McMaugh said.

The ‘Scenic Rim Regional Council Communication Strategy 2020-23’ guide is available through the Council’s website, as well as contact information for any feedback community members would like to submit.

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