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Time to celebrate diversity: August is the Multicultural month in Queensland


By Georgia Parsonson

August is the month of Multicultural Queensland, and acknowledgement and celebration of the state’s diversity are presently underway.

The theme for Multicultural Queensland Month 2021 is ‘Inclusion in Action’, as it seeks to recognise everyone’s role in the state’s identity and economic prosperity by a series of activities, events, and webinars.

“The Palaszczuk Government is committed to celebrating Queensland’s diversity while fostering a united and inclusive community,” said Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Leanne Linard.

Over $800000 in funding will be distributed to organisations that intend to partake in festivals, events, and activities that acknowledge and celebrate Queensland’s cultural diversity in 2022.

“Many of the events and activities being undertaken throughout this month are recipients of Celebrating Multicultural Queensland Grants in 2021,” Minister Linard said.

“Nothing connects people together like multicultural festivals and events do, and they contribute so much to creating healthy societies, building social cohesion and stimulating local economies.”

Throughout Multicultural Queensland Month 2021, Queenslanders are encouraged to connect with others, share, listen, and learn from the immense variety of cultures that make up the state’s diverse population.

“Everyone is also encouraged to acknowledge that, while we may come from different communities and cultures, our diversity is at the core of who we are as Queenslanders.”

“We can all learn about other cultures and appreciate the benefits of diversity in our personal relationships and in our workplaces.

“While COVID-19 has affected many of us, some organisations have pivoted to move activities online or virtually, to ensure we can still celebrate the wonderful benefits that multiculturalism brings to Queensland,” she said.

“A series of free webinars, facilitated by the Griffith University MATE program that explores topics such as racism prevention, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace, and gender-based violence is just one of the online activities available.

“I encourage you to watch the stories, join the activities and embrace Multicultural Queensland Month — so we can continue our important work of building an even more inclusive Queensland.

I’d also encourage organisations across Queensland to apply for grants from the Celebrate Multicultural Queensland grants round.”

Multi-Cultural Queensland Month and the grant program are part of the Queensland Government’s strategy to promote a diverse and inclusive place for migrants, refugees, or people seeking asylum. 

The Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, and GOA have sponsored the program.

The list of available events, activities, and webinars throughout Multi-Cultural Queensland Month may be found at:

For information on how to get involved, visit 
To find out more about the Celebrating Multicultural Queensland grants, visit

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