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Travellers with COVID-19 symptoms will be tested


By Juliano Oliveira

Travellers entering in Queensland who develop COVID-19 symptoms while in the state will be tested or will have to face a $4004 fine.

Anyone entering the state, including Queenslanders returning home, would have to make a binding declaration to get tested when they apply online for their border pass.

“The Border Declaration will require anyone who comes into Queensland to sign off on their requirement to be tested if they experience any COVID-19 symptoms,” Deputy Premier and Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Steven Miles said.

“Since this pandemic began, we have continuously urged Queenslanders to get tested at the slightest hint of a symptom and they have responded.

“So it makes sense for people coming from interstate or who have travelled interstate to show the same commitment to keeping Queensland safe from COVID-19.”

All traveller will receive text messages from Queensland Health alerting them of their obligation and ask if they have developed symptoms.

“And to assist travellers to meet their obligations mobile testing clinics will be deployed to the most popular tourist destinations.

“We will assess the border pass applications and make sure that areas with high visitor numbers get extra support – places like the Gold Coast and Cairns.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk had announced that the state’s borders would be open from 10th of July. The decision, however, does not apply for visitors from Victoria, given the spike of new cases of COVID-19 registered over the past few days.

Under the new direction, Queensland will turn away people who have visited Victoria in the past 14 days. Queensland residents who have been in a COVID-19 hotspot can return home but will be required to quarantine in a hotel at their expense.

A $4004 fine or a court-imposed penalty will apply to anyone who provides false or misleading information in their Border Declaration.

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