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Union calls out PM to give wage subsidy of 80%


By Juliano Oliveira

ACTU (Australian Council of Trade Unions) has called out Prime Minister Scott Morrison to immediately provide a subsidy of 80% a worker’s wage for hard-hit employers that would otherwise stand down or make their employees redundant.

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus claimed that this measure would give immediate certainty to both business and working people.

“There is no time to waste. With scenes of heartbreak on the streets of Australia as people join endless queues at Centrelink offices and workers face a future full of crippling uncertainty. A wage subsidy can be simply understood and simply administered through the existing ATO arrangements,” Ms McManus said.

“Tens of thousands of Australian workers are dealing with the reality of losing their jobs and the prospect of major health and economic meltdown. A guaranteed wage subsidy is the support Australian workers are demanding from their government.”

“The future of Australian families will be decided right here and now.”

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