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What are you going to do when the pandemic is over?


By Jacqueline Cowan and Juliano Oliveira

Queenslanders are finally experiencing gradual relaxation in the restrictions of social distance in consequence of COVID-19.

Countless plans have been put on hold and many lives have had to be modified over the last two months and a half.

In April, loneliness was the most widely reported source of personal stress for Australians, according to the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

“Around one in five people (19%) also reported that they were experiencing difficulties maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which was more of a problem for those aged 18 to 64 years (22%) than those aged 65 years and over (9%),” ABS Program Manager for Household Surveys, Michelle Marquardt, said.


SolutionWire questioned 11 readers on what they are going to do when the pandemic is over.

Despite not having a certain forecast of when life will return to normal, they are already planning for a future without fear and without locks.

“When the pandemic is over I am going to go out to a bar with my friends and play pool, hopefully, have a boogie at some point and try to see as many people as I can! I can’t wait to go back to the gym, not only do I work in a gym but it’s a major part of my mental health as well. I miss the sense of community there as well as all the members. I can’t wait to feel the hustle-bustle of a busy street again or the sound of a crowd.” – Demi Conrad, 23, student.
“When the pandemic is over, I’m going to try and get back into part time “hospo” work. Preferably not on the weekends, and hopefully find an area I am passionate about. One that I can volunteer in once a week as this whole scenario has made me realise how inwards my life is.” – Evan Woodward, 34, student.
“When the pandemic is finally over, I’m going to take this “lil” pup out for some socialisation and puppy school, then probably look to get a real job in my industry. This pandemic started at the worse time for me (not that there is a good time) as I just graduated university and was on the hunt for a job. I finally got an interview for a job I really wanted then, the week before I was meant to go in, of course, everyone went into lockdown. So, I guess just get back on the hunt for a job. Oh and definitely go get a crisp beer off the tap at literally any bar that is open.” – Alex Power, 24, film freelancer.
“Once this pandemic is over, I plan to get my business back up and running, be more productive and go to the pub.” – Ingrid Coles, 31, photographer.
“I’m looking forward to crossing the borders and going to visit friends and family… It feels like it’s been longer than usual. I’m looking forward to going on an amazing vacay with my partner somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle and eating out at cafes and restaurants! I really can’t wait for gigs to start happening again too… Hanging out to perform as well as be in the crowd supporting other amazing artists! – Villiana, 26, barista.
“When the pandemic is over, I am going to attend every live concert and see every DJ play (that I can and only the good music I’m into, of course, I’m not that generous with my time).” – Natasha Dunstan, 23, full time mum and graffiti queen.
“When the pandemic is over… I am looking forward to seeing my grandchildren without any restrictions; getting back to yoga and playing tennis; sitting down for lunch or dinner at restaurants; travelling to various places in Australia, including Christmas in Brisbane. We won’t be hurrying to travel overseas for a couple of years… maybe we won’t get there again! Having said that, part of me has enjoyed staying at home, so I think I will try to slow down a little.” – Nita Pont, 65, retired.
“After this pandemic is over, I am never going to take a single rave for granted.” – Kai Christiansen, 24, restaurant manager.
“After this pandemic, I am going to maintain my plans to move to Berlin, but do so slightly differently. With the Covid-19 crisis, staying home let me slow down and understand my time a little better – it allowed me more time to hang out with my Mum and start learning German and really think about what I am doing and what I want to be doing later.” – Jorja Boe, 24, gallery assistant.
“After the pandemic is over, that a hard question because over to me infers eradication and a vaccine and I think we are a long way off that. However, when it does happen I’m going to prioritise time with my family, both near and far!” – Donna Burns, 52, organisational change manager.
“I’ll be the bloke waiting to hit the road and get to the beach as fast as possible. Then, spend my afternoon at the pub watching sports with a few mates.” – Luke Turley, 28, military.

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