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What drivers need to know about Brisbane’s lockdown

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By Juliano Oliveira

Queensland Government announced this morning a three-day lockdown and restrictions starting at 5 pm in Greater Brisbane.

Ten new cases of COVID-19 were registered overnight – four cases have been confirmed as community transmission. There are 73 active cases and a total of 1,456 patients.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie recommends patience for the drivers as congestion is likely to occur late today.

“What we saw in January’s lockdown was heavy congestion the Bruce Highway and M1 as people raced to leave Brisbane before the curfew set in,” Ms Ritchie said.

“If you’re heading home to the coasts this evening, prepare for the trip to be congested, pack your patience, and remain courteous to others behind the wheel.

A high-risk area, according to Ms Ritchie, is around shopping precincts. Groceries stores have already reported cases of punic buying ahead of the lockdown.

“We’ve been told there is no need to panic buy, with shopping allowed during this lockdown, but there’s still a lot of people rushing out for supplies,” Ms Ritchie said.

“Take care around these shopping centres, especially in car parks, and keep a close eye out for pedestrians.”

The use of the mask is mandatory during the lockdown. However, it is not necessary inside private vehicles.

“You don’t need to wear your mask while you are travelling in your own vehicle or inside your home, but you will have to wear a mask indoors, and if you’re outside and physical distancing isn’t possible,” Ms Ritchie said.

“That includes not only workplaces, shopping centres and public spaces, but also if you’re using rideshare services and on public transport.

“While Greater Brisbane residents won’t be travelling around unless for essential reasons, it’s wise to keep a few masks handy in the glove box of your car so you’re not caught out.”

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