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Where are the best businesses in your suburb?

By Juliano Oliveira

A new website with Brisbane’s best options of leisure has been launched by City Council in an attempt to stimulate the local economy and support businesses.

BrisBetter Local brings choices of cafes, restaurants, retailers and recreation spread by postcodes across the region. Residents are encouraged to come up with suggestions for new options.

“In September, we launched a suite of Brisbetter local videos, profiling hidden gems and new places to discover in your local area,” Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said.

“Postcode-to-postcode, this hub is all about getting out and exploring your backyard with a focus on life in the suburbs and the friendly faces and shopkeepers who give each area its unique sense of community and togetherness.”

The idea behind it is that the portal will be continuously updated with new videos as a way of engaging customers to shop local and discover new spots in their suburb.

“The economic effects of coronavirus will linger for years to come and getting people back in stores, supporting local jobs is key to fast-tracking Brisbane’s recovery,” Cr Schrinner said.

“We want to keep this momentum going by featuring more than 200 small businesses on our new BrisBetter Local hub, with more to be added all the time.

“Brisbane has come together throughout the pandemic, but if we don’t support our businesses now, one day they’ll be there, and the next day they may be gone.

“From the $7.9 million business relief package delivered earlier this year, to our ongoing commitment to buy local; we’re committed to being there with small businesses every step of the way so that they can keep their doors open and Brisbane residents in jobs.”

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