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Who is the Neighbourhood Watch hero of your area?


By April Murphy

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia is the representative organisation that leads, facilitates and supports the Neighbourhood Watch (Australia) and Neighbourhood Support (New Zealand). 

The combined goal of these organisations is to strengthen community resilience against crime, help to feel safe in our own homes and endeavour to make our city a better place to live.

Each year NHWA recognises the hard work of its members with the “Volunteers and Policing Awards”. The organisation utilises this opportunity to thank and promote the dedication of its affiliates.

“There are tens of thousands of Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) volunteers in groups throughout Australia, all working together towards making our communities safer, more cohesive and more resilient,” says Neighbourhood Watch Australasia Chairman Bernie Durkin.

The Neighbourhood Watch Australasia Malcolm Grant Volunteer of the Year Award is given to an individual who has volunteered their time through the programs to empower people and communities through the development of strong and effective partnerships, promoting quality of life, safety, wellbeing and social inclusion.

In 2019, the award was given to Ken Rehbein.

“One does not do the things we do for the sake of awards, but it is wonderful to receive recognition. This Award is not just for me, but all of the dedicated Crime Prevention Officers, Police Officers and Neighbourhood Watch volunteers around the nation,” Mr Rehbein said.

He has been involved with NHWA for over a decade. He was thought to have empowered people and communities during this time.

“Neighbourhood Watch means a lot to me. In Queensland we have more than 400 active groups and thousands of volunteers, it’s the primary community organisation within the Queensland Police Service (QPS) Community Participation Program,” says Mr Rehbein.


Nominations for the 2020 Volunteer and Policing Awards are now open.

NHWA would like to encourage people to take the time to recognise an important, community-minded individual who have qualities they would like to acknowledge, and they think the organisation should know about.

These qualities should relate to the work and enthusiasm they have demonstrated in making your neighbourhood a safer, connected and inclusive place to live.

You can download a nomination form here: Download Nomination Form

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