Welcome to our program guide page. Here you will find our program guides in many different formats to ensure that you know what’s on Reading Radio each week.

We have our generic program guide that gives you the times programs are on and our weekly guides that tells you which books, Artists of the Week, and up to the minute program changes.

If you have any issues with our guides, please contact us here.

Weekly Program Guide

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Current Book Readings

Daily Short Story (Mon – Fri, 2:15 PM)

  • Now: ‘The Vision Of Emma Blau’ – until 10th May 2022

Afternoon Book Reading (Mon – Fri, 6:00 PM)

  • Now: ‘The Happiest Refugee’ 


Late Night Story (Mon – Fri, 9:00 PM)

  • Now: ‘Deeply With The Sun In Our Eyes’ – begins 20th April 2022

Storyland for Children (Saturday, 7:30 AM)

  • Now: ‘Deltora Quest 3: Isle Of The Dead’ – until 14th May 2022


Double Feature Book 1 (Saturday, 9:00 PM)

  • Now: ‘This Dog For Hire’ – until14th May 2022

Double Feature Book 2 (Saturday, 9:30 PM)

  • Now: ‘Never Cry Wolf’ – until 7th May 2022


Reading Radio Book Club (Sat & Sun, 1:30 PM)

  • Now: ‘The Diary Of A Young Girl’ – begins 19th March

Sunday Morning Short Stories (Sunday, 7:30 AM)

  • Now: ‘The Black Album’