Against The Odds

A show about adventure, resilience, courage, chance. 

Presented by Kerry Williams.

Monday 1:15pm | Repeat: Sunday 4pm

Against the Odds tells stories of real people experiencing the unexpected. Some are heroic, others stoic when confronted by a serious challenge, be it a plane crash, war, a natural disaster, illness, a million dollar Lotto win, being lost in the wilderness, or attempting an extraordinary feat. Some of my stories make history while others tell a rollicking yarn. In some cases we have been glued to the TV watching a human rescue of our recent past, think Thredbo, the Lindt Cafe or Beaconsfield.

These tales are found on the internet, in books, newspapers and magazines. Sometimes a story finds me, through conversation, curiosity or travel; sometimes I ferret it out. This show has been going for 18 months and I still have so many stories to tell. If it happens now, you will hear it on Against the Odds.